GADARK LAB PVT. LTD. (GLPL) is professionally managed team of Environmental Analysts and Consultants formed in 1984, under august leadership of Dr. Ulhas G. Gaokar, who graduated from renowned Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IIT Bombay).  GLPL now enjoy the status as one of the leading teams in the field of Environmental Monitoring and consultancy, which is managed and led by experienced environmental analysts and consultants.

We offer solutions for environmental pollution control, in various applications in a wide range of industries which include Petrochemical, Thermal Power Station, Automobile, Textile, Engineering, Sugar and Pharmaceutical, Chemical & Fertilizers, etc.

Our hard work and customer focused service, has prompted many repeat orders from our esteem clientele.  Our strength is to study the root cause of the problems in industries and then to tailor the solutions rather than offering solution on thumb rules derived from similar operations. GLPL strongly believes that though problems appear similar in nature there is operational and process variation in a similar category of industry and hence solutions differ too. Not only this but for several years we have also kept up with our  ability to provide genuine test certificates by accurate analysis  by following methodological sampling procedures. This approach has witnessed many successes, thus helping us earn more confidence and a deep attachment from the clients who receive a complete package of environmental monitoring services and consultancy from GLPL.