DR. U. G. GAOKAR, Director
Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from I.I.T. (Mumbai)
Industrial Analysis, Preparation of Study reports like Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Audit.
MR. B. S. RANE, Director
B.Sc. Chemistry
In-charge of Analytical Laboratory Treatability & Feasibility Studies for Effluent and other pollution control system.
MR. B. M. SAWANT, Director
Accounts Head, Administration, Management and co-ordination of sampling activities. Finance management.
MR. S. U. GAOKAR, Director
BE Industrial Engineering
Experience as a Research Engineer at CESE, IIT Bombay
Experience in Ambient Air Monitoring and Stack Emission Monitoring, Risk Assessment Measurement of Industrial projects, Administration and Management Client correspondence and Marketing.
Mr. G.G. Kulkarni , Associate.
B. Tech . (Civil) I.I.T (Mumbai), M.E (Structural)
Civil Engineering, Preparation of study reports like E.I.A Design, Erection and commissioning of Effluent & Sewage Treatment Plant and Pollution Control Systems
MR. K. V. CHITALKAR, Industrial Hygienist
M.Sc., Chemistry
Experience in personal & Workplace Monitoring, Compressed Air Monitoring, Ventilation & Illumination Survey, Indoor Air Quality Survey
MR. S. B. GAONKAR, Chief Chemist
M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry
Experience in Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Environmental Department. Expertise in analysis of Environmental parameters.
MR. R. R. GORAL, Associate
B.E. (Biotechnology engineering) and M.E.(biochemical and biotechnology engineering)
Experience in production, manufacturing as well as laboratory testing, in food and beverages industry. Handling of various analysis instruments along with their maintenance, troubleshooting.